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There is a treasure hidden in the catacombs below the ancient city of Capath, and Kettec is intent on uncovering it. His friends however, would say this obsession is merely a way for Kettec to escape his problems with people.

And Kettec’s life is about to get more complicated, thanks to one Mell Wess. Arriving from another continent, Mell has assumed a powerful lordship and struggles to discern where his loyalties lie. 

Mell and Kettec are attracted inexorably to one another, but to survive, the pair will have to navigate the twisted underground passages and the equally warped government of Capath. Even if they are able to escape these trials, a greater disaster looms...

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Buy Now$5.00 CAD or more

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who tf pay 5 dollars for this shit?


I would. And I would again!


GOT THIS WITH THE BLM BUNDLE AND CAN I JUST SAY I ADORED THIS BOOK? I am so excited to read more in the next book!!!! the  setting and  story was really unique and I cant wait to read more

This is a really great book! I've got it as a part of the bundle, and it is easily the most liked book of all the books I've read this year! The characters are lifelike (Kettec is so relatable with his attempts to avoid conversations xD), and the plot manages to give hints without being predictable. Thanks!

Purchased this as part of the BLM bundle. It's really quite a gem of a story. Excellent writing. I hope there is a sequel in the works.